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NBA Blogdome: Whoa, Nellie!

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What they're saying in the blogs about Golden State's first-round series win over the Mavericks ...


We Believe Upset!! I'd like to throw out mad love to our loyal GSoM community, Warriors Nation, and of course, my fellow GSoM writers for being together for so long to enjoy this moment. You deserve every bit of joy you get from this legendary series. Don't discount what you just saw tonight. We may have very well witnessed one of the most amazing sports moments we will ever see in our lives (besides the inevitable NBA Championship of course!) Savor it. We've earned it with many long hard years of loyalty and love. We earned it by being Warriors. [Golden State Of Mind]

Go Mavs. I guess as Mavs blogger I'm supposed to have some huge post either passing out blame or delivering profound optimism. I won't be though. I refuse to join the millions of people who will be piling on my team the rest of the postseason, and I'm currently incapable of providing the second. All I can say is that it sucked. It's going to be a long offseason. And I can't wait until November for it to all start again. [Mavs Moneyball]

Much Obliged. Now, if it's not too much trouble, go ahead and do away with Houston/Utah. [Pounding The Rock]

I Believe Now. Years of season tickets and over $22k spent on Warriors tickets since 1995. 22k plus interest is a fat down payment on a used Porshe GT3. Averages out to over 7k per playoff game. Totally worth it. [Warriors World]

The Dallas Mavericks Choked. It was amazing to see the Mavericks show no pride tonight and take the beating that the Golden State Warriors gave them! It was amazing to see owner Mark Cuban answering questions after the game with tears in his eyes as he probably came to realize that the coach he treated so badly was much better than the one he replaced him with. [Mavericks Locker]

Mavericks Booted From The Playoffs. The Mavericks pulled maybe the biggest choke-job in the history of the NBA by losing in 6 games to the 8th-seed Golden State Warriors. But by saying it was a choke-job I don't give enough credit to the Warriors and Don Nelson. Nelson knew exactly what the Warriors needed to do to beat the Mavericks and they played it to perfection. Less important, but still fun to talk about, how are they going to present the MVP award if Dirk Nowitzki wins it now? Is there any way David Stern is going to go and switch the winner to Steve Nash so the NBA isn't embarrassed by having to present the MVP during halftime of some game the Mavericks aren't playing? [Bright Side Of The Sun]