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NBA Players Have Been Advised Not To Say They Have More Money Than You Do

In anticipation of a public-relations battle between the NBA players' association and the owners, the union has provided players with a handbook that includes a recommendation that they avoid hilarious pleas of poverty. Because apparently Kenny Anderson's famous declaration during the last labor standoff 13 years ago that he might be forced to "get rid of the Mercedes" didn't do much for the union's position.

But the key point, perhaps, is this simple reminder: 'Please be sensitive about interviews or other media displays of a luxurious lifestyle.'


Yeah, because the last thing some dude struggling to pay his mortgage needs to be reminded of is how tough it must be for a dipshit NBA bench-warmer to choose between another weekend in the champagne room and keeping warm this winter by burning stacks of $50 bills. Better that dude just continue to assume that's the case.

Public relations a concern as N.B.A. millionaires spar [New York Times]

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