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"NBC = National Broadcasters For Communism," According To Pro-American Internet Commenters

During yesterday's U.S. Open broadcast, NBC presented two readings of the pledge of allegiance — the first omitted the phrases "under God" and "indivisible," and the second also left out "one nation." Yahoo's Devil Ball (!) golf blog dutifully posted the story yesterday afternoon. Here's what the commenters had to say about the traumatic event. Everything sic'd, and with few exceptions, every new sentence is a new comment:


NBC is still around? This world is litteraly going to Hell! Hey NBC execs... take your apology and cram it up your A$$!!! Apology unaccepted!!! Keep your progressive liberal agenda and move to Venezuela with it!!! You are a large part of the reason the moral fabric of this nation is eroding. these kinds of things is why I don't watch or listen to any of the state controlled media. Sounds like the Koran to me!!!!

The corrupt liberal media continues with its charter of erasing God and anything traditional and good from our society so that we can feel guilty about being Americans while they promote Islam and the other terrorist-friendly religions and American-hating thugs that continue to destroy our once great nation. I suppose we should be thankful Obozo didn't have NBC insert Allah into the pledge...wait...maybe ,I !!! shouldn't have said that out loud !!!


I have decided to boycott NBC and not watch anything on it for 1 year. They got caught with their hand in the cookie jar..... Oops, sorry, didn't know it was a cookie jar. Ya right. I am totally angry!!!! Henceforth, IF I watch NBC, it will be to see who are the sponsors, and I will refuse to buy their products. And I mean it!!! NBC = National Broadcasters for Communism! nothing but crap!!! N.B.C. no back bone.Media monkeys. I'd call you the NITWIT BROADCASTING COMPANY. obama loving america hating jerks!! Another shining example of the National Bureau of Colonists doing their part to further the agenda of New Rome and the NWO. That is what Hitler's propaganda crew did. [N]. NO [B] Bible [C] Christain's OH YEH GO SEAL'S.

NBC is pathetic. How sad. We now live in a world under Obama, where, up is down, and wrong is right. We are living under a dictatorship. Our government is no better than those of 3rd world countries. NBC elected Obama who is non-Christian. His total belief is for the Muslim religion and NBC continues to support him. NBC, and Barack Huessin Obama are both "Communists".!!!!!! I'm more shocked that they didn't insert Obama's name where God was, after all, NBC thinks of him as some sort of god. Thats what happens when you have progressive [?] liberals running a media station. NBC is the boil on the butt of humanity. NBC's coverage sucks slightly more than ESPN's.


Don't forget people,,, NBC is owned by MicroSoft, it is MSNBC. Bill Gates influenced that mindset. if you don't wake up, the day is coming that you will be looking for a cave to hide in to escape God's wrath on people who choose to mock Him. do you live under a rock?

Its a sad day when i see American children saying the pledge without God. This was no accident. This was done because this country is turning into a GODLESS, MORALESS devil's workshop. It is because of God that we are the greatest country in the world. God will not be mocked. "our" united states of america is "one nation, under god"! if you do not like that, then please feel free to pack your bags and leave "our" country ! This is what happens when you become to diverse. It goes along with the hip hop version of the Star Spangled Banner and wardrobe malfunctions. So why don't you go and found your on country and leave ours alone. The hypocrites that don't want God in the pledge should go into another country where they don't want Gog around. GO BACK TO THE COUNTRY YOU CAME FROM, or find one that supports YOUR point of view.


i'M SO SICK OF TIPTOEING AROUND THESE PEOPLE'S FEELINGS AND WE ARE GIVEN THE SHAFT, WHEN WE ARE AMERICANS IN OUR OWN COUNTRY. JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING. If it wasn't for God none of us would be here!!!! A pox on those who undermine the foundation of our great nation! heres an idea from a life long LOVER OF GOD!!! KILL THE ATHEIST AND MUSLIM SCUM. F@$& those whores!!!! You suck, Jay Busbee!!

Had the kids pledged "allegiance to the lesbian, gay, bi, transgendered Mexican-Canadian-American Union" no doubt NBC would still be showcasing it with joyful tearful inspiring background music.That's fine. Omit God's name now. Everyone is rightly concerned/upset about the deletion of "under God" but I am also upset/concerned with the deletion of "INDIVISIBLE" and "ONE NATION". To me, this shows they feel we are coming to an end as one country and on the verge of breaking up! Indivisable!!!!! 'one nation under god, indiviable!" That might as well be the North Korean flag waving. Welcome to Oceana. I am LIVID!!!


by the way, congratulations, Rory on a job excellently done!!!! I am going to boycott NBC as soon as America's Got Talent is over tonight.

NBC apologizes for omitting ‘under God' from Pledge before U.S. Open [Devil Ball]


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