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NBC: We Are Giving You An Awesome Olympics, And We Don't Care If You Don't Like It

For the first time since the Olympics began, an NBC executive has decided to talk. And, yup, he really likes the way NBC has rolled out coverage.

Here's NBC Sports Chairman Mark Lazarus speaking to Sports Business Daily:

As programmers, we are charged to manage the business. And this is a business. It's not everyone's inalienable right to get whatever they want.


Understood? You don't deserve to get things the way you want them. Who does deserve to get their way?

We are charged with making smart decisions for our company, for our shareholders and to present the product the way we believe is best.

And what about the opening ceremony? Why couldn't viewers at least see it online live? Why was the edited and tape-delayed prime-time broadcast the only option?

We don't believe that a raw feed, which would be a host feed, without narration and broadcasting, would be a good user experience in a big stadium with lots of camera cuts. We think we created the best experience.


Yes, thank you for providing Meredith Viera's "I'm confused by this" analysis and thanks for not mucking up the broadcast with any tributes to terrorism victims or to dead U.S. servicemembers.


Anyway, if you'd like to share thoughts with Lazarus, you know where and how to find him.


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