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OK. Here we go. The games are:

Wichita State Vs. Seton Hall
Oklahoma Vs. Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Boston College Vs. Pacific

Well, OK, not the MOST compelling matchups to start off ... but come on, it's the tournament. The full live-blog is after the jump. Hop in with all your comments as well. Let's do it.

You're all encouraged to with your own thoughts and observations, by the way.


3:17 p.m.: Former Oddjack degenerate A.J. Daulerio informs us that not only did Boston College win ... they actually covered the eight-point spread. This is why we don't gamble.

Boston College 88, Pacific 76. And ... off to the next live blog! No rest for the blogged.


3:14 p.m.: And ... Boston College takes over. Breathe easier, Dick Vitales of the world; your Final Four team is in good shape. Up by seven with minute-and-a-half left. Sigh. Was fun while it lasted.

3:09 p.m.: Boston College up by two, four minutes left, they have the ball. And Coach K loves him some Chevy trucks. Honestly: Does anyone think this guy actually drives a truck?

3:08 p.m.: They've reopened the Arena in San Diego. Game starting just an hour late. That's not so bad.


3:06 p.m.: Craig Smith drains two impossible clutch free throws to tie the game. Pacific misses a tough shot under the basket, and it's double overtime, and it would be impossible to overstate how much we need to pee right now. We haven't moved from our chair since we started this. But you probably didn't want to know that.

3:03 p.m.: Twelve seconds left. Pacific up by two. Boston College has the ball. Overtime. Our voice sounds exactly like Clark Kellogg's right now.

3:01 p.m.: Relax a bit: BC back down to just two down. Under two minutes. It ended a four-minute stretch with a bucket for the Eagles. We love that people still use the term "bucket," by the way.


2:58 p.m.: Pacific is now up six, and there's a time out. Anybody starting to sweat? Here's one guy: "First off ... there is nothing worse than watching your final four team stumble ... while at work. Pretty sure I might be the first employee at my company to pee all over himself if the Eagles don't get their act together. Should have brought a diaper."

Well, we wouldn't be quite that upset.

2:55 p.m.: Everyone's trying to figure out whether a Pacific 3-pointer was a three, or a two. But they've been taking FOREVER to figure it out. No NFL replay has ever taken this long. Counts as a three, though; Pacific up by three.


2:51 p.m.: We're not so sure two hours is gonna do it in San Diego, by the way. They still haven't let the fans in the arena, and the game was supposed to start 10 minutes ago. Any Washington and/or Utah State fans who don't currently live on the West Coast have a very late night ahead of them.)

2:46 p.m.: So hey. You're Boston College. Or you're Pacific. Doesn't really matter which. You — each — get a possession with under nine seconds left, and neither one of you gets a shot off. Shame on you. Shame on you both! It's overtime.

2:44 p.m.: And then ... BAM! Three-pointer from another anonymous Pacific white guy ties the game with 9.1 seconds left. Yeah!


2:41 p.m.: You see, you can't foul 3-point shooters when you're up by four with under a minute left. All three free throws hit, Pacific down three with 35 seconds. Dribble ... dribble ... dribble ... layup is good! Pacific down 1, 20 seconds left, a foul. We got a close one!

Second final: Wisconsin-Milwaukee 82, Oklahoma 74. Who needs Bruce Pearl?

2:39: First final: Wichita State 86, Seton Hall 66. Right now everyone in Cincinnati is throwing Skyline Chili Dogs at everything in sight. Milwaukee up nine with 30 seconds left.


Less than a minute! Pacific down four with the ball!

2:37: Oklahoma looks to be toast. Wichita State won by 20. The Pacific-BC game is where it's at now.

2:36 p.m.: Slow down with that two-hour prediction; in San Diego, they're still outside Cox arena.


2:33 p.m.: With Pacific down two to Boston College with 3 1/2 left, it's time to ask: How screwed are you if BC loses? We're guessing a lot.

2:30 p.m.: Two games, coming into the final TV timeout, within six points. Weee. We would be playing Gary Glitter music to get us fired up, were that guy not, you know, an asshole.

2:25 p.m.: And we have some close games again: Pacific is down by four, and Oklahoma is down by six. We're not regretting our Wichita-State-In-Pen theory, however.


2:17 p.m.: Word just came in: Games at the San Diego site — including our Illini — are all going to start two hours late. So adjust your schedules accordingly. And that could be generous; the teams are still back at their hotels.

2:15 p.m.: We're in danger of not having any close games starting out here. Damn.

2:13 p.m.: Boston people, you can probably help us out with this; Al Skinner ... that is an extremely strange-looking man. We've seen him before, but we can't quite figure out what's so jarring about him. Oh, yeah: The TEETH. Eagles are up by 11 with 11 minutes to go. Oklahoma now down 14.


2:11 p.m.: Oklahoma is in serious trouble. There's foul trouble, no momentum and that lingering issue of a 11-point deficit with eight minutes to go. Wichita State is back up by 17, and we just wrote them down in pen on our Deadspin bracket. In pen. So you know we're not messing around.

2:07 p.m.: Looks like they're still not letting people in Cox Arena in San Diego, assuring a late start (and, uh, hopefully keeping people safe). Busy week out there; they've got the WBC Finals coming up, these tourney games ... and check it out, we didn't say "Stay Classy."

2:05 p.m.: Boston College is threatening to pull away from Pacific; up by eight with 13 minutes to go. But that's nothing compared to Wisconsin-Milwaukee, up by 11 on Oklahoma with 10 minutes to go. We picked that upset. We have that, anyway.

2:02 p.m.: We're obviously in the second half, because Clark Kellogg's voice keeps rising like he's that guy in The Darkness. (We love The Darkness, by the way. We don't care if that makes us lame.)


1:58p.m.: We've heard some complaints about the MMOD's 10-minute alert, reminding you if you haven't checked their page in the last 10 minutes and then kicking you off if you don't respond. We know people have to go eat lunch and, you know, do work and stuff, but this still doesn't seem like a horrible feature to us. Gotta stay alert. Lots of people waiting.

1:53 p.m.: This is why we should shut up: Seton Hall just made a run to come within 12 of Wichita State. We don't remember the last time someone shot a two-pointer.

Pacific and BC back after halftime, still tied. That screaming banshee girl has finally been shushed.


1:50 p.m.: Disturbing story from San Diego; they've evacuated the arena after a bomb scare. Alabama-Marquette game supposed to start in an hour, but the place is still empty. More on the Deadspin front page.

1:41 p.m.: From a reader: "New addition to the march madness drinking game: Every time they mention 'Glog' on air either during a broadcast or half-time show, you have to down a fifth of JD and then crack the bottle over your head in order to dull the pain."

That'll work juuuuust fine.

1:38 p.m.: Man. Seton Hall is toast. Wichita State is up by 20 and hitting 3-pointers from everywhere on the planet. And our pool sheet is close to 0-1 status.


1:35 p.m.: Oh sweet heavens. Philadelphia Will Do informs us that CBS Sportsline has coined a term for the live weblog of a game. It's called a "Glog." Glog. Sometimes we hate living in this century.

1:31 p.m.: Boston College — which has been dealing with an awful screeching sound, like a whistle from a demon-possessed child, every time they shoot free throws — goes into the half tied with Pacific, official law school of Scott Boras. Wichita State game tipping off second half right now; all kinds of trouble for Seton Hall.

1:22 p.m.: HA! An update from the guy whose NCAA feed was causing his company trouble:

Thanks for printing my email. I just got this email from the IT Department. Apparently CBS' online feed is bringing down our network across the country! I couldn't be happier ... and if other people want to follow the instructions to "stop viewing the broadcast" there should be some more viewing room spots opening up for those stuck in the non-VIP waiting room.

Hello Everyone,

Please note that the IT Department is aware there are some issues related to internet connectivity right now. NY is investigating possible issues, including a problem with our connection, and possibly high bandwith traffic due to internet viewing of the NCAA games. If you are participating in the latter, please stop viewing the broadcast. Thank you.


YES! If you're from the company that got this email ... hey, look, it's a fake spreadsheet!

1:18 p.m.: Oklahoma-UMW goes to halftime; Panthers up by two. Boston College and Pacific are tied. Did Chris Isaak go to Pacific? Did we hear that correctly?

1:13 p.m.: Former Illini Steve Bardo is doing commentary from the Jacksonville games. Sorry. We're probably the only people who cared about that.

1:11 p.m.: By the way, thanks everyone for all the emails; we're obviously typing too fast right now to answer all of them, but we're reading every single one of them. Keep 'em coming.


First game goes to halftime. Wichita State is up 16 on Seton Hall. Guess who did not pick the Just A Nicknames.

1:09 p.m.: From another reader: "I was watching the live video coverage of the BC/Pacific game, right before it started. I thought I was watching a direct feed from the game, but apparently they are streaming the video off of some dude's computer. It was funny to watch him try and resolve the problem (didn' see any person, just the cursor moving calmly accross the desktop)"

And here's a screenshot.

This image was lost some time after publication.


1:07 p.m.: Those stories about "workplace productivity" being way down during the two days of the tournament are always overblown; people will always find reasons not to work and don't need a tournament to produce it for them. But here, we have a Real Solid Example of the tournament destroying workplace productivity.

"Is it any coincidence that a few moments after I gained access to the MMOD viewing room, my office's internet connection began to run painfully slow? No one can email anything out right now and websites are taking forever to load. However, my MMOD connection is running perfectly. This is truly bizarre, and please believe there's no way that I'm closing my MMOD feed, and losing my spot in the viewing room, just to see if it gets our internet running smoothly again. I guess I'll be bringing the entire office down with me today!"

That's the spirit!

1:05 p.m.: Comments have finally published. So keep 'em comin', people. An angry MMOD customer:

I signed in around 10:30cst with only general admission, but was only 12,000 or so back. I figure being at work, I can attempt to do something productive while waiting for the line to kick down. As I see my number go from 12,000 to 9000 and so forth, finally I get down to the 12th person. While seeing the admission ticker stop at zero, my browser immediately shifts to a you got kicked out javascript. Apparently, either someone signed in with my name somewhere else or I had opened up a second browser to attempt to view the same feed twice. Holy hell, CBS, that s a crock of shit. You could ve told me that I was screwed from the beginning before I got my hopes up.


That sucks. On the whole, though, we haven't heard of anyone who signed up for VIP access who is still waiting.

1:03 p.m.: Sean Ogirri, the shooting guard for Wichita State, has four 3-pointers already, and the Shockers (just a nickname) have a 15-point lead. And he looks like Juwanna Mann, which is impressive in its own right.

1 p.m.: OK, this is hysterical. Apparently, MMOD is playing random music snippets as the audio for some of these games. So far: Metallica, Eric Clapton and a live Bob Seger concert. You know what? We'll take it over Billy Packer any day of the week and twice on Tuesday.


12:56 p.m.: By the way, we know that comments aren't publishing right now, but rest assured: They will be up eventually. We can see them, even if the world can't. (It's the Seton Hall Pirates; hence "The Pirates Of Penzance." Yes. It's a stretch. But there was no way we were putting up a picture of Johnny Depp.

Wichita State by 12, Boston College by 6, Wisconsin-Milwaukee by 10.

Yes! Clark Kellogg just said "Spurtability." DRINK!

12:51 p.m.: So we just clicked on the "Boss Button" on the MMOD, and it really does bring up a fake excel spreadsheet to make it look like you're working. We'll be honest: We don't there's a boss in America who would be legitimately fooled by this. Or ... well, we'll put it this way: If your boss looks at a fake Excel spreadsheet and thinks it's real, they're about to be fired themselves and you should apply for their job.


12:46 p.m.: Honestly, Clark Kellogg might be the only guy more excited about the tournament than we are. We think he just peed on Seth Davis. Accidentally, though, so it's all cool.

12:40 p.m.: It appears the sound on the MMOD thing is playing not commercials, but the studio feed. Right now they're humming along with the Boston College school song. It's not a bad little ditty.

Wichita State is all over Seton Hall. We saw the Shockers — which is just their nickname and nothing else at all — play our Illini earlier in November, and thought both teams were horrible. Clearly they've both improved.


12:37 p.m.: The verdict on the CBS Online March Madness thing so far? Not so shabby ... if you're a VIP.

"Thought I would e-mail you and let you know that I got in the wait room at 10:15 am (central time) when it opened. Got into the game room after about a 3 minute wait. I'm watching Wichita and Seton Hall. It is coming in surprisingly well. I'm impressed. I'm at work and my boss definately just lost my work for the day. Viva College Hoops!"

"I logged onto MMOD as a VIP right at 11:15. I was let into the room shortly thereafter. I'm impressed with the service so far."


"I was at work at 7:45 am PST this morning and logged onto the CBS On-Demand thing then, so I am in. Pretty cool, except you either get audio or video, or at least that is how it is working for me. No lag, picture is fuzzy, but come on, I am at work earning money and get to watch all the games I want. I will not be logging out till I leave work today, so sorry you can't get my place."

"No VIP signup. Logged on around noon. Currently in the 47,000 range. At this rate maybe I'll be allowed inside the virtual velvet rope for the 7 p.m. contests."

12:32 p.m.: You know the first day of the NFL, when everyone is so jacked up to watch the game ... and somehow, every game in the sports bar suddenly goes to commercial at the same time? That just happened. You can feel the collective knee-tapping; come on come on come ON!


12:28 p.m.: And no sooner do we make fun of it that, bam, we're actually in. Just to be kind for anyone who is waiting in line, we'll log off in a while, with the hope that karma allows a Deadspin reader to get in. Wichita State is up 10-4, by the way. Wisconsin-Milwaukee has a quick 7-2 lead on Oklahoma. Bracket buster!

12:26 p.m.: We're in a place right now that has all the games playing, but we're trying to get in the CBS On Demand online March Madness anyway, just to see how it works. We're currently in VIP Place 1,102. Strangely, that seems like an adequate number. Email us and let us know how your wait is going.

12:23 p.m.: Wichita State and Seton Hall have tipped off. It's 4-4, which is a number that tells you absolutely nothing. Lots of white guys on Wichita, however. We're gonna try something fun; we're going to see if we can avoid a single "Shocker" joke this entire game.


12:18 p.m.: We haven't decided whether we should do these posts from the bottom up, or the top down? We tackle the big questions here.

12:17 p.m.: OK, we're ready to rock here. How big of a dork are we about this tournament? We're actually wearing a suit.