Never have I eaten at a Hooters Restaurant, although I always found it amusing that in Toledo there was a Hooters across the street from a Catholic grade school. (Fun infallible fact: Growing up, Katie Holmes went to school there.) I guess when one hears the food isn't that great, and the only gimmick is beautiful women, well, what's the point when you can basically find beautiful women everywhere? And furthermore, one probably doesn't want to see Toledo's attempt at the blonde bombshell. Which might be one thing the NCAA and I have in common, because they redacted a Hooters ad from their Final Four program for a SCANDALOUS! waitress appearing next to Dick Vitale.

Is it too much? You make the call!

The NCAA said the ad is acceptable if they removed the girl. Conversely, others might say the ad is acceptable only if Vitale is removed. Plus, those watermarks leave something to be desired.

And so the advertising world turns. If an ad campaign causes enough attention to the point of controversy, it gets way more attention than were the ad to be seen in the Final Four program, seen only by the staunch few who actually buy those things.

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