Nebraska Beats Northwestern 27-24 On 49-Yard Hail Mary

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It was shaping up to be the worst week ever for the Pelini family since that time the Youngstown Slovak Club ran out of pierogi. Then Cornhuskers quarterback Ron Kellogg III threw a tip-drill Hail Mary completion from midfield to steal victory away from the Northwestern Wildcats on the last play of the game.

Like most Hail Mary completions, it was the function of failed defensive execution. If the Northwestern defender does what every player is taught since high school (bat the pass down) then Northwestern escapes from Lincoln with the win. Instead, it was tipped to receiver Jordan Westerkamp who scored the winning six for the Huskers. That it all happened a minute after Northwestern scored a field goal to take the lead makes things that much more painful in Evanston. [BTN]