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We're not sure whether or not to think Neil Everett is:

a: Insane.
b: Suicidal.
c: A genius.
d: "Stupid. What are you, stupid? That is just stupid."
d: Just accidentally co-opting catchphrases he has no idea are going to get him yelled at.


But, save for a spare "me," giving him plausible deniability, it certainly does appear the anchor dropped everybody's favorite pickup line in last night's "SportsCenter." Somebody get him a T-shirt!

You realize, of course, that we are only a few steps away now from Chris Berman calling a Reds game and hollering "David 'You're With Me' Weathers." And if he did that, as one commenter pointed out, the world would explode.

You're With Leather [YouTube]
You're With Me, Leather T-Shirt [Gawker Shop]

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