Nevada’s Eric Musselman On Personal Hydration And His Need To Pee: “It’s Been A Great Concern Of Mine”

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Nevada head coach Eric Musselman—the man TBS cameras caught being extremely fucking jacked about his team’s first-round win—might just be the most honest coach in this entire tournament.

First pointed out by Newsday’s Laura Albanese, Musselman was fielding questions from reporters after the Wolf Pack’s Saturday practice session when a yet-to-be-revealed reporter made a very interesting observation and posed maybe the best pregame interview question I’ve ever heard or read. Also, it’s important you go in knowing that the preceding question Musselman fielded was “How would you describe the toughness of the team you’re going to face tomorrow?” and the following one was “Do you feel like [your team will] be looser in this game, just being out on the stage once?”

Q. Coach, you’ve got to be one of the most hydrated coaches on the sideline. You always have a cup of water or something in your hand going up and down. The question is have you ever had to use the restroom while coaching a basketball game and seriously thought about leaving?

ERIC MUSSELMAN: Yes and yes and yes. They’re small sips that I’m taking. As you get older, you’ve got to use the bathroom a little bit more. And so I do worry, especially when the timeouts are longer in this tournament. It’s been a great concern of mine. Our staff’s well prepared in case I have to leave. So far, so good, though.


Reporters, take note—this is how you keep a coach on their toes. As for Musselman, godspeed to the man as he continues on his quest to not pee his pants. His next test will come Sunday, when his team plays Cincinnati; here’s to hoping he doesn’t have to sweat through another insane overtime.