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New Aaron Hernandez Jailhouse Letter: "Im A Great Dude"

Radar has a new jailhouse letter from Aaron Hernandez, who whatever else is going wrong for him seems to at least have time to keep up a healthy correspondence.

The undated letter—transcribed below, and [sic]ed through—was, according to an envelope Radar posted, forwarded to its recipient, one Collin Imm, by the Bristol County Sheriff's Office. Given the provenance of a letter previously published by TMZ it's not too surprising to see another one. Keep an eye on your mailbox; there may be a cheery letter from Hernandez in there.



Hey brotha, let me start by saying thanks for the support, it definitely means alot! Everything happens for a reason in life in both of our situations. Whatever obstacles/struggles will only make us stronger. We actually have something in common because my dream as a kid was to play in NBA an is still my favorite sport but had a better chance in football! Never be down from your incident because "God" has a plan before all of us & that's why I'll never be down! Stay away from all negative people so your always there for your little boy cuz I miss by little girl terribly an my biggest fear of all is she wont know daddy! She said daddy first time or should I say "DaDa" and had to hear it from jail. Im going fine but wanted to write you and definitely wanted to say thanks for the support! Hope to hear back from you if wanted! Please keep this private is all I ask!———>

Thanks again,


P.S. Im a great dude don't believe all the neg. publicity please!

*Media is the Negative of the fame! Stay up and keep a smile on that babys face & Be there for him!

Thanks again brotha!

Aaron Hernandez Jailhouse Letter: "My Biggest Fear Of All Is My Little Girl Won’t Know Daddy!" [Radar]

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