New Buzzsaw Stadium Could Be Named After Female Genitalia

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You might know that the Buzzsaw's new STATE OF THE ART football stadium currently is called "Cardinals Stadium," which, considering its lack of proper monetary compensation, is not a name that's likely to stick any longer than Bill Bidwell can cash a check.

And guess who wants to slap their name on the place? Pink Taco. No, seriously, No, like, for real.

Peter and Harry Morton, owners of Hard Rock Café, Morton's Steakhouse and Pink Taco, have already laid down $5 million and have offered the Cardinals a $30 million deal over 10 years, said Jason Rose of Rose & Allyn Public Relations. He told the Arizona Capitol Times this morning the Cardinals want a 25-year deal, which he said is "not prohibitive."


The PR folks for Harry Morton, who has been linked "romantically" with Lindsay Lohan and is (of course) friends with new Buzzsaw quarterback Matt Leinart, says they're "open" for a name other than Pink Taco. Which is probably not a terrible idea.


Though we are intrigued by the Mortons' ideas and would like to subscribe to their newsletter.


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(UPDATE: The Buzzsaw's PR guy says "there's zero chance of that happening." We still hold out hope!)