New Footage Of Spanish Hooligan Brawl Shows Murdered Man Thrown In River

The 200-person battle between Atlético Madrid and Deportivo La Coruña ultras that resulted in one death has understandably been a huge story in Spain. We now have additional footage of the event. Above is video of the murdered Depor fan as he is thrown into the Manzanares River.


There is also video depicting more of the fight as it occurred. Here's extended footage of the brawl we showed you earlier, including the sides throwing firecrackers at each other while fighting:

The Depor ultra, since identified as the 43-year-old Francisco Romero Taboada, was originally taken to the hospital once firemen were able to recover his body from the river, but was soon after pronounced dead. AS has reported that police have obtained video of the beating that eventually killed Taboada, but haven't been able to identify the assailants yet.

For their part, the clubs involved and Spanish soccer as a whole have been quick to denounce the violence. Atlético have decided to ban all members of the Frente Atlético—the club's largest ultras group—from the stadium, and Depor have closed the section in their stadium where the Riazor Blues—the group to which Taboada belonged—sit for the next two matches. In addition to that, the president of La Liga's governing body has said he will try to rid the country of ultras groups entirely.