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Illustration for article titled New Jersey Man Threatens Lawsuit Because His Daughter Didnt Make The All-County Softball First Team

A high school softball player hits .571 (which was not, by the way, the best average on her team) with nine homers and 46 RBI, and she doesn't make the all-state team. Tough shit, homegirl, most would say. We've all had our disappointments, especially in high school. But our fathers never sued.


Well, Ally Paskas's proud papa isn't quite suing, yet. Just discussing his options.

Here's what the litigious dad, Mike, had to say:

He feels his daughter must be included on the first team and her exclusion is detrimental to her college softball future.

"I'm going to go as far as I can with this," said Mike on Tuesday night. "This is going to end up in a courtroom. I'm going to bust their chops until they change their rules. It's not fair that coaches make deals on voting who should be All-County."


Oh, shut up, sir. Americans rig far more important elections than the Bergen County softball all-star vote. We would add that any college coach who recruits on the basis of all-star selections is doomed to wind up with a bunch of crappy players, the softball equivalent of Glen Sather's mid-2000s New York Rangers. And, Christ, she made the second team. As a tenth grader. Relax.

A tipster writes in: "This parent is a menace. He's been involved in youth sports in my town for a long time and is always causing a problem. He's been in numerous fights with parents, officials and other coaches." Noted.

Any of you others have stories of local fathers gone rogue? Let us know.

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