Breaking: People go to strip clubs to watch football. And at Rick's Cabaret in New York City, the football being played by the winless New York Giants is a total buzzkill. So now there's a new policy at Rick's: No more Giants games on the TVs this season.

Busted Coverage has the exclusive from its bureau office somewhere up front near the main stage:

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alexandra discussed the Giants/Eagles game. “There’s like a hundred sexy topless girls here and everyone was exceedingly happy until it became clear during the second half that Eli Manning and the Giants were going to lose again.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Yvonne said, “I’ve been showing off my new 34Ds and getting compliments all the time, except right after Giants games–the guys are sort of deflated–they take that football stuff too seriously!”

Rick's will continue to show every other NFL team's games. So take heart, Jets fans. You're free to continue to suffer from the comfort of the champagne room.

[Busted Coverage]