News Dude Cries At The Sight Of Sharon Van Etten, Is A Good News Dude

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Look, man, it's hard to be moved by things these days. Show me something that isn't Russell Westbrook going coast to coast for a two-handed slam in five seconds, and there's a good chance that my response is going to be, "That's butt." The problem is that a lot of things are butt, but what is definitely not butt is this dude right here, a 51-year-old newscaster from New Zealand who was moved to tears by a surprise Sharon Van Etten performance.


The backstory here is that our guy is a huge Sharon Van Etten fan (duh) and was really bummed about the fact that he couldn't attend the indie singer-songwriter's concert in Auckland because he had to do stupid news-guy stuff or whatever. So his co-workers wrangled SVE into a doing a little remote performance for their buddy.

This dude really loves Sharon Van Etten! It's hard to fault him for that, though, because Van Etten is a fearsome-ass performer. Get a load of this:

Anyway, back to my dude up there. He really said, "But music sometimes just keeps you afloat, doesn't it?" in the most heartfelt Dad-tone that's ever been mustered. I love him.