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Newt Gingrich Pleads With The Packers To Keep Brett Favre

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Brett Favre's aligning himself with some interesting people during his messy unretirement quest. First it was Fox News' Greta Van Susteren and now he's picked up an endorsement from another figurehead of conservative punditry, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.


Newt offered his opinion on how the Favre saga should play out on his website yesterday, imploring the Packers to keep Brett in Green Bay. Here's his long-winded, heartfelt plea. A "Contract With Favrerica", if you will:

A Plea From Two Packers Fans - Paul Lubbers is my son-in-law, but we share more than family ties. He's also a fellow shareholder in the Green Bay Packers. And as responsible shareholders, we – like many of those invested in the Green & Gold - feel compelled to speak out on the turmoil surrounding the return of Brett Favre to the NFL and whether or not he should wear Packer's uniform.

Should Favre have taken some time (like he did the past few years) to rest, recover and reclaim some perspective? Yes. Did he make a bad decision to retire? Also Yes. Should Ted Thompson and the Packers welcome him back to Packers family? Absolutely!!

For the last 16 years, football fans have all had the opportunity to watch Favre display his many gifts as a quarterback, breaking every NFL record, and leading the Packers to the playoffs 11 times during his tenure. His performance last year proved beyond a doubt that he can still play.

I understand that the Packers have made plans to build the offense around Aaron Rodgers, but plans are made to change. And in this case the Packers should adjust their plans quickly to bring back Favre. Can you imagine Favre as a Viking or even worse a Chicago Bear?

The fact is Brett Favre made a bad decision, kind of like when he throws one of his record-setting interceptions. Now it is the Packers turn to change their mind and put the ball back in Favre's hands, so that he can again throw some more record setting touchdowns wearing Packer Green & Gold.

Somebody should check John Ashcroft's Facebook page in the next couple days to see if he mentioned anything about Favre.

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