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Neymar Flipped His Shit On A Heckling Fan Right After Winning Olympic Gold

Photo credit: Laurence Griffiths/Getty

Brazil has a complex, often combative relationship with its national soccer team. Winning their first Olympic gold medal, as they did on Saturday, to some extent cooled the beef, but obviously not entirely. So this video of an irate Neymar shouting at a fan on the pitch immediately following Brazil’s Olympic victory isn’t really all that surprising:


It’s a little difficult to parse what’s going on here, besides that Neymar was mad and he was addressing a certain someone who had made him that way. Here’s the above caption translated via Google Translate:

The @revistaceara had access exclusively to video that shows Neymar Jr. reacting to criticism from a fan after the conquest of unprecedented Olympic gold, still inside the stadium. “It will take the c ... here is fucking Brazil,” said the altered and exalted player. Galvão already said “Neymar has every right to vent as you want at this time.” What is your opinion?


My opinion is that Neymar probably shouldn’t get into shouting matches with fans, but also that fans shouldn’t conflate the systemic issues that will continue to plague Brazilian soccer with an individual player who has nothing to do with any of it.

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