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Sorry for the delayed start, but we're underway in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which I'm told is positively lovely this time of year. The Packers are starting with the ball and Favre comes out in a succession of naked bootlegs. Perhaps this morning's episode of the Mayne Event was actually trying to tell us something. Eventually the opening drive ends at midfield and Eli Manning is taking the field! Follow along after the jump...


First Quarter

-Alright Eli, just try not to vomit.

-And he completes his first pass to Plaxico, who appears to be begging Al Harris not to touch him.


-Eli is is now 5/6 for 53 yards. Holy shit.

-Al Harris is trying to do everything he can to make Plaxico uncomfortable. Hey Al, try showing him your cock 'n balls!

-Manning goes to Kevin Boss in the endzone, but it wasn't to be. On 3rd down he nearly took a sack before nearly throwing an interception to a very large man. A near touchdown, a near sack, and a near pick all in two plays? Eli does it all!

-The field goal by Tynes is good and the Giants take an early three point lead, kind of like the underdogs in that last game...


New York 3 - 0 Green Bay

-The Packers put up a quick three-and-out and Eli's wishing he had more time to sip hot chocolate.


-Amani Toomer just dropped the easiest pass he'll get all day. It's like two weeks ago all over again. He must have a headache.

-Feagles looked like he got a decent amount of his boot on the punt, but it really didn't seem to go anywhere. In other news, I put on some socks but my feet are still a tad chilly... but I'm battling through it.


-Plaxico keeps reeling in catch after catch and Al Harris keeps talking shit. Despite this impressive defensive tactic, the Giants are moving the ball right down the field on the Packers.

-Hey, now David Tyree is misplaying passes. Tynes is lining up for another field goal, and he's got it.


New York 6 - 0 Green Bay

Second Quarter

-San Diego though they could settle for field goals.

-I hope Koren Robinson didn't fall off the wagon in between quarters.

-AND THERE GO THE PACKERS, TOUCHDOWN, DONALD DRIVER! Wow, he discarded of his man at the line of scrimmage and then just tore ass down the sideline. That was impressive to say the least.


Green Bay 7 - 6 New York

-They really came out of nowhere to score that 90 yard touchdown. The Giants best be responding right about now.


-The Green Bay secondary is getting ridiculously physical with the Giants receivers, and it ultimately results in a stop on 3rd down.

-But the Pack offense can't do anything with it, nice drop on third down there buddy.


-The Giants start their next possession backed up deep in their own territory, and the Packers are making it tough on them. Poppinga must have about 6 tackles by now. He's been everywhere it would seem.

-Manning got rocked on 3rd down and here comes Feagles. A 20-yarder won't help things much here, he needs to put the Packers back near their side of the field.


-And so it is, the Packers start at their own 47 yard line with an excellent chance to build on their lead.

-The Giants had a chance to get the ball back with a good amount of time left, but the Pack was bailed out by a big illegal contact call on Johnson. First down for Green Bay, perhaps they'll rediscover Ryan Grant.


-And they do! I'm all-knowing!

-No Joe Buck, that pass wasn't "slinged" it was "slung." That was a disgusting play call! Nice play though.


-I love that nobody even bothered to plow the streets in "downtown" Green Bay.

-Somebody needs to locate the New York fan who keeps screaming in proximity to a hot mic. Locate him, and destroy him.


-Greenland is icy and Iceland is green? Thanks for that little bit of third grade trivia, Mr. Buck.

-Antonio Pierce just busted up a screen like an old school strike-buster going through the Writer's Guild.


-The Packers settle for a field goal and Mason Crosby delivers.

Green Bay 10 - 6 New York

-If you'll excuse me, my girlfriends dog is barking because I won't scratch his belly. I'm just going to stick him in the microwave for a few seconds.


-The Giants don't seem to be in too much of a hurry, but with Plaxico they don't need to be. The big receiver makes his biggest catch of the day by far. With around a minute to play in the half the Giants are now in Packer territory with a real shot to take the lead back going into the half.

-Plax just got huge separation from Al Harris but he couldn't hold on as he hit the ground. That would have put them near the goal line. On the next play Eli runs instead of throwing it away. Does he know they don't have any timeouts. All of a sudden it doesn't look like they'll be getting anything out of this. 4th and 8, they can throw to the sideline and then kick a field goal.


-Instead it's a sack, and it's halftime.

Halftime Score: Green Bay 10 - 6 New York

...something tells me that Strahan and Favre wouldn't mind going into a neutral locker room for a few minutes of that tender, passionate, alone time.


I'll see you in about a half hour in an all-new post.

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