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Illustration for article titled NFL Coach Who Allegedly Hit A Kid May Go With The It Was Dark Defense

Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer, who was arrested on Sunday for allegedly punching a boy and then threatening to kill that boy’s family if he went to the cops, is going to have to come up with some kind of explanation for allegedly punching a kid. According to a source who spoke to Fox Sports, that explanation may consist of “it was dark.”

From Fox:

“It was dark out. He couldn’t see the people,” the source said. “The kids were belligerent and threatened him. Bottom line, they stole his property and he couldn’t identify them because it was dark out and they threatened him.”


I mean, I suppose an “it was dark and I thought I was punching an adult” defense could work, but it breaks down when you remember that Kromer allegedly threatened to kill the victim’s parents if he told anyone about getting punched. That’s definitely a move that crazy adults use exclusively on teens.


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