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NFL Considers That Maybe It Was Wrong And Bill Belichick Was Right

Bill Belichick was grumpily baffled by the NFL owners' unwillingness to even consider his plan to install permanent cameras aimed at the sidelines and goal lines in every stadium. And he was even more upset they claimed it wasn't a possibility because it would have been too expensive. Well, I guess someone rifled through the couch cushions, because the NFL has reconsidered.


Just a week after voting down the proposal, the league will now begin studying it, according to Albert Breer. Which is a quiet way of admitting that maybe it should have at least looked into the camera idea before declaring it wasn't feasible.

Belichick' proposal, no matter how it were implemented, would be better than not implementing it at all. More cameras? Pointed at the exact spots where the most controversial calls take place? It was such a no-brainer that everyone (save the owners) found themselves agreeing with Bill Belichick, for god's sake.


So: they'll research it, and the owners could conceivably vote on it as early as the spring meetings in mid-May. There's an outside shot it could be in place for next season. Will Bill Belichick say "I told you so?" He will not. But it will come across in every smirk.

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