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We try really hard here to avoid being part of the NFL hype machine, but there is nothing else going on right now. So bear with us on this post.


The ever-expanding NFL draft will leave New York City next year, commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday, and head for either Los Angeles or Chicago. Here's how the commissioner described the decision process to reporters at the Beverly Hilton, via The Los Angeles Times:

"We had 12 cities that were interested," Goodell said. "We felt the best thing to do was to focus on the three cities, because they had such a tremendous interest. There are very attractive aspects to each of those cities. Because we don't have the appropriate dates in May our focus is completely on Los Angeles and Chicago.

"They both have tremendous bids."

Goodell didn't say when the league would announce the winner. And the new city might get a four-day draft instead of the usual three, an expansion the league continues to look at.

"We're talking about different concepts, primarily how to strengthen the last day and whether we should maybe push that back to the clubs a little bit more and allow the clubs to have a little bit more freedom as more of a club day," he said. "Maybe they would announce the picks from there. We're looking at everything under the sun, because there's a great interest in it and we want to do something that's more responsive to our fans."


In other words, expect the NFL draft to get even bigger next year.

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