NFL Draftees Picked Their Own Walk-Up Songs This Year

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At this year's NFL draft, the songs that play when the draftees walk out on stage will be chosen by the players themselves. It's going to be great, or terrible, or just the same Jay-Z song 30 times in a row.

Obviously, there's going to be an approval and censoring process, but imagining exactly how that's going to work might be the most fun in all of this. Will there just be one put-upon guy listening to all the choices, ending up on Rap Genius, and deciding what flies? Could the NFL just let any song through, and bleep out anything it decides is offensive? If it goes with censored songs, could something foul but esoteric make its way through? (Basically every Chief Keef lyric falls into this category.) Even if the songs end up being terrible—Manziel is definitely picking that damn Drake song—making fun of kids' taste in music seems more sporting than old men making fun of their suits and masturbating to their girlfriends.

[Rich Eisen via Washington Post]