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NFL Finds Sucker To Pay For Rights To Livestream Bills-Jaguars Game

Only the saddest degenerates would waste a Sunday morning this October watching a Bills-Jaguars game emanating from London, but with a new deal between the NFL and Yahoo, anyone with an internet connection can. You know, if they want to.

Yahoo was willing to pay “at least $10 million” for the rights to globally livestream this day-old bagel of a game, according to CNN’s Brian Stelter, presumably because they want people to know that they’re big enough players for the NFL to be willing to take their money. Now football fans around the world can watch Blake Bortles and—whoever ends up starting for the Bills. (Matt Cassel, maybe.)


The NFL clearly wasn’t going to give up any remotely compelling matchup for the new venture, but even if the experiment fails, the league will be fine. Via CNN’s report, an anonymous person in the know says, “The NFL is not losing money by showing this on the Internet instead of TV.” Sleep easy, everyone.


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