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NFL Football Manufacturer Also Says Bill Belichick Is Full Of Shit

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It's not just Bill Nye the Science Guy who isn't buying Bill Belichick's involved and theoretical explanation for how the Patriots's underinflated footballs might have gotten that way without any nefarious tactics. Representatives from Wilson, the company that makes the NFL's footballs, say that Belichick's ball story doesn't wash.


Belichick mooted the idea that the difference in atmospheric conditions between where the footballs were inflated before the game and where they were measured at halftime—and found to be underinflated—could go to explain the reported drop in pressure. (It doesn't explain why the Colts' balls, which were prepared at the same time and place, were still at regulation psi.)

"That's BS," said Wilson rep Jim Jenkins, who explained to the process of making footballs and how they maintain their integrity until game time. (Unless you put it in a freezer, he said, it's not going to fluctuate wildly under natural atmospheric changes for "maybe a year or two" after being manufactured.) And then again, for emphasis: "That's BS, man."

Another Wilson rep says something catastrophic—and likely intentional—would have to happen to the ball's internal air bladder to bring about the deflation the Patriots' balls are accused of undergoing.

"Well it couldn't [deflate] unless something happened to a bladder, but that really doesn't happen and there's no other real way," Wilson's director of experiential marketing Molly Wallace said. "

The real answer is that you should have paid more attention in school, maybe gone into a STEM field, and maybe you wouldn't be blogging 17 blogs about soft footballs as if this, any of this, could possibly matter in any way, ever, to anyone.