NFL Heiress Arrested After Sloppy Street Altercation

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Jacqueline Kent Cooke, daughter of former Skins owner Jack Kent Cooke, was arrested last night after getting into an altercation with a man on an Upper East Side sidewalk.

Page Six reports that Cooke attacked a 52-year-old man named Matthew Haberkorn after he confronted her about making anti-Semitic remarks inside of a restaurant. According to Haberkorn, Cooke said, “Hurry up, Jews,” while she was waiting behind Haberkorn and his mother in the coat-check line. Haberkorn says Cooke’s boyfriend also chimed in, saying, “Happy bat mitzvah, girls,” to Haberkorn’s daughters.

The confrontation continued and turned physical out on the sidewalk, and video taken by one of Haberkorn’s daughters shows Cooke repeatedly throwing herself at Haberkorn and falling to the ground:


Haberkorn claims that Cooke bashed him in the head with her handbag. The Page Six story includes a picture of Haberkorn bleeding from the head. Cooke was arrested on one count of assault.