Brian Stropolo, the New Orleans Saints super fan-turned-replacement referee, was pulled from Sunday's Saints-Panthers game and will be in limbo for a little while longer, according to the Mort Report. He will "remain sidelined" pending completion of a review by the NFL.

The NFL is pissed for a couple reasons. First, the whole public super fandom. Second, he broadcast his assignment on facebook. That's probably the bigger deal here, because—just looking at this from the worst case scenario—say he's also a degenerate gambler in deep to some local loan sharks. All Mr. Broken Kneecaps needed to do was check Stropolo's public facebook status (which is now disabled) and Stropolo had just cooked up a whole mess of problems for himself and the League. That is worst case scenario, of course, but these are the things we are left to wonder.

These are all legitimate reasons to be upset but, really, the NFL is pissed because "this all slipped past the league's security screeners, too."