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NFL Roundup: Lovie's Kind Of Town

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• So here's something crazy: With a break or two, the Chicago Bears could have playoff home-field advantage in the NFC. Still, whether they win the Super Bowl or not, "Ditka" is always going to sound cooler than "Lovie."
• We're really starting to maybe think that Chesnning might really lead the Colts to an undefeated season. We did enjoy, however, in the postgame press conference, when Carson Palmer changed out of his uniform, dressed up but left on his eyeblack. Those cameras can get pretty bright.
• Why did they put the Texans on national television last night again? Just to be mean? Someday we expect David Carr to take the field with foam bumpers on both sides of him, like they do when real little kids go to bowling alleys.
• Doesn't this seem like the strangest time for an "exclusive, hard-hitting" Randy Moss interview? The guy hasn't done much all season, his team is strangely bland and, somehow, his team became more interesting once he left. We find it difficult to get too worked up by a Moss-Norv Turner feud.
• Yeah. Philadelphia. So.
• Nobody gets overly excited like Jon Gruden. The playoffs will be a better place with the Buccaneers in it.
• This is a yearly dilemma for Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals fans (both of us!), usually around this time of year: Do you root for the Cardinals to lose or to win? The season is lost by this point, so, hypothetically, one should be simply hoping for better draft position. But it is counterintuitive for a fan to ever root against his team, and besides, if you starting rooting against the Buzzsaw as soon as it became clear they wouldn't make the playoffs, well, jeez, you'd never be rooting for them. So yeah: Go Kurt Warner.


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