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Muses and ruminations after Week 1 of the NFL ...

• We congratulate New York Jets coach Eric Mangini on his first victory as coach of the New York Jets. We don't follow the Jets all that closely, so we were surprised to see that the 35-year-old coach (the youngest in the NFL) was so ... portly. He's only 35; you really should pack on that much extra flab until you're 40, at least. We don't remember him being that fat in New England. When we think of the new generation of team leaders, we imagine Sgt. Rock-types like Joe Girardi. But this guy, at this rate, isn't gonna make it to 50.
• Honestly, if that hit that Trent Green took had happened to Kurt Warner, our Buzzsaw champion would just be waking up right about now, asking Leinart to have his child.
• Chris Simms kind of looks like the type of guy who would get another man's name tattooed on his leg. Except less manly.
• We still have a soft spot in our hearts for Jake Plummer ... but that's looking extremely bad right now. At least he didn't try to throw with his left hand again.
• We're not necessarily saying that they look bad, but we still can't quite fathom the mindset behind the redesign of the referee's uniforms. Are they supposed to be slimming? Are they supposed to provide an alternative jersey for Foot Locker employees? Did they just get bored?
• The sad thing is, Brett Favre ... the "gunslinger mentality"'s gone! Not fun. You can retire before Week 5, right?
• It was difficult to enjoy all the games yesterday afternoon, considering it didn't involve one brother's team going against another brother's team.
• The bar we were at yesterday featured about a dozen Cleveland Browns fans and eight pitchers of alcohol .... you can probably figure out how that went. Lots of barking, lots of woofing, even a chant of "DEN-NIS! NORTH-CUTT!" (Really.) We can't imagine how crazy they might have been had they, you know, not lost at home to a bad team. We're not sure they noticed the score anyway. This is, of course, why NFL Sundays are so much fun.