Photo credit: Albert Ortega/Getty Images

When former Funky Bunch boss Marky Mark claimed to Mike & Mike that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had contacted him personally to lodge complaints about HBO’s Ballers, we called bullshit. Not only is Goodell too busy with more important things to bother with that kind of task, but even if he weren’t he’d call someone who actually makes decisions (like the show’s creator, Stephen Levinson) and not a retired rapper-cum-racial abuser.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. League sources denied any such call was ever made earlier Sunday to PFT, and later went on the record with the denial:


I’m loath to defend Roger Goodell here, but the facts (and basic logic) are on his side. (Also, Marky Mark is a horrible fucking person.) Then again, the NFL lied about concussions for decades! Everything is awful.

(Ballers is fine.)