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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

At The Combine, NFL Teams Asked Blake Bortles About His Girlfriend

On this morning's Dan Patrick Show, UCF quarterback Blake Bortles shared one of the more unusual lines of questioning he faced at the NFL Combine:

"I got a couple girlfriend questions...Some awkward, 'If we come to town will she be there for dinner?', stuff like that."


Bortles's girlfriend, Lindsey Duke, is already something of an internet star, so this should probably be viewed as an actual, fruitful inquiry rather than as just NFL personnel men perving out. Bortles is going to hear shit from both teammates and opposing players about his girlfriend, provocative and profane stuff, and it's probably good to make sure he doesn't fly off the handle at a mention of her. Ideally, pro athletes would all be as smooth as Tom Brady, who uses his own supermodel wife to trash-talk other players.

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