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The Texans beat the Raiders. I feel like taking a baseball bat to my television, and I didn't even care who won this game. I don't even think anyone in Oakland or Houston cared about who won this game. Ron Dayne, the man whose career would not die, carried the ball 18 times for 95 yards. David Carr finished with 32 yards passing. Really. 32 yards. And won.

• The good Jaguars showed up this week, which means they'll probably lose by 30 next week. They beat the Dolphins 24-10, getting a career day from Matt Jones, with six catches for 128 yards. David Garrard threw a couple of touchdown passes, and Joey Harrington threw a couple of TD passes. Today did see the rare big day from Chris Chambers, though, catches 8 balls for 121 yards.


• Here's Martin Grammatica right now, for a game winner for the Cowboys. The Giants call a timeout to ice him, and now he's praying. 46 yarder for the Mike Vanderjagt replacement. And he nailed it. Splits the uprights, had plenty of distance... that kick was cash. I did not see that coming. :01 on the clock. Bill Parcells is positively gleeful. Terrell Owens probably still thinks it was a bad idea to let Vanderjagt go. Squib kick, a couple of laterals... and we're done here. Cowboys win, 23-20.

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