The fun continues with the rare prime time Saturday game. Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth shepherd us through another evening of football and hopefully will let us know what the penalty is for a sleeper hold. Five yards and loss of down? 10 yards and repeat of the down? Please, feel free to share the answer down below.

Detroit at New Orleans (NBC): I am excited for this game. New Orleans has the top passing attack in the league and Detroit has the 22nd ranked pass defense. Detroit has the fourth best passing attack and New Orleans the 30th ranked pass defense. There will be fireworks. I want to see a 100 point game and not one of those stupid combined scoring 100 point games, either. I want a legitimate 100 points scored by one team. If those amateurs from West Virginia, coached by some off-duty rodeo clown can put up 70, surely a team of true professionals can do better. I like the Lions and it does not get much better than Stafford to Megatron, but the Saints are the perfect cocktail of talent, home field advantage and asshole coaching staff.