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NFL's "Concerned" About Players Flashing Gang Signs

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Gangsta players beware: The NFL isn't going to tolerate your confusing finger gestures anymore. The league has stated they'll be cracking down on any "suspicious" hand gestures flashed by players during the game in an effort to eliminate the promotion of gang culture in the league.


Although the NFL has yet to determine what kind of punishment will be handed down to an overly excited wideout who decides to celebrate his touchdown by crooking his fingers to pay homage to the Black Gangster Disciples, league officials have said those individuals will be "dealt with harshly."

Roger Goodell, on to more pressing issues since reviewing the cheerleader footage of Patriots' sideline cameramen, has declared no tolerance for this type of behavior on the field and instituted a crackpot team to, once again, review game films for evidence.

In the LA Times piece, Jaguars receiver Dennis Northcutt brings up a great point — how can you distinguish between a gang sign and personal message to, say, your grandmother? Northcutt says he's never once seen a single gang sign in the NFL in his 9 seasons:

""People have got signs for their kids, signs for their fraternities. How do you differentiate who's really throwing up gang signs?"

"This is a gang sign," he said, touching his index finger to his thumb to form a squished OK sign. "But at the same time, it's a sign for a personnel group."

What's a "personnel group?" Like a temp agency?

This seems like it'll be something some players will have some fun with at the league's expense. Deaf players? Not so much.


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