One would also assume that as captain, LEADER OF MEN, you might take some responsibility for your actions that put your teammates in the deepest, darkest hole. Stand up, be accountable, and show teammates that everyone has to be held up to a standard, even the captain:


Oh. Or that.

Not the time for Benn’s selfish stupidity

It’s nearly impossible to describe the scale of selfishness and stupidity that taking a major and game misconduct at this point was. The Stars were down a goal, with a goalie clearly fighting it all playoffs, and Benn made him face a five-minute power play. This wasn’t even behind the play, but at center ice where even upper-deck beer vendors could spot it. Shit Jamie, why not stunner him from off the Knights bench? It had nothing to do with anything, other than Benn figuring he would never get a better chance to cheapshot Stone, perhaps out of jealousy that Stone is the better player in every way. Hard to calculate how Benn’s teams have never won shit.


The Stars would give up a goal on that ensuing power play, then Jake Oettinger would shrug helplessly at a William Carrier backhander that had the velocity of a squirrel falling out of a tree and the Stars were burnt toast. They proceeded to pull a bunch of dumb hockey shit, which stands to figure a team with this kind of standard set by leaders like Benn and Deboer would do. Cue the consistently level-headed Max Domi also getting his ass tossed and the Dallas crowd littering the ice with garbage in protest of ever having had to watch Domi play in the first place.

But hey, if you’re going to go down, anyone can simply lose. Only the truly, legendarily stupid do it with such gusto. So you’ve got that going for you, Benner. A thud for the ages.


I’m all for Jimmy Butler, Heat blowing 3-0 lead vs. Celtics

I will happily eat shit on burying the Celtics if it means getting to watch Jimmy Butler lead the first NBA team to ever blow a 3-0 lead, but we’re a long way from that yet. What I do understand is the frustration of watching Jayson Tatum cough up a hairball all series, because when he’s on he’s one of the most beautiful players to watch in the league. There’s a balletic languidness to his game, where it feels like everything had been choreographed:


The easy turns and spins to open up space for his jumpers, the quick slices and body shifts to make space at the rim, the ease with which he buries threes, it seems like it’s all set to like the best trip-hop song (you’d know if you’d done a lot of ecstasy or molly in your past). Only need it three more times. How hard can that be?

Juan Soto is back

Would seem Juan Soto has rediscovered how to hit the ball in the air again:


In the month of May, Soto has an OPS of 1.116. Glad we could help. 

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