While Blue Jays broadcasters Dan Shulman and Buck Martinez didn’t say any more about it than it was just something they noticed, they’ll certainly be labeled as accusing Judge of…something. And it’s not exactly that the Yankees have been above reproach in recent history.

Still, the most likely explanation is that hitters don’t like to stare out at the pitcher for too long, fearing that they’ll kind of get glassy-eyed and get a little on their heels. You’ll often see hitters look off during their practice swings to refocus when they do look back at the pitcher.


But it is rare to see a hitter do this right before a pitch is thrown. It could be that Alex Manoah is tipping his pitches and someone in the dugout noticed, which might be one explanation for Manoah playing with matches and kerosine all season (that or his fastball losing some velocity). And maybe Jay Jackson was…too? Well, that’s a stretch.

Interesting, is all.

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