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Nick Saban Brings Promise, Destruction to Alabama

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Nick Saban and his presidential motorcade rolled into Tuscaloosa late yesterday afternoon may have startled gawking locals distracted by the big, fancy automobile rolling through town, as the Tuscaloosa News reports that "Saban's Motorcade Distracts Drivers":

[A] five-vehicle wreck on the Hugh Thomas Bridge that occurred at the same time University of Alabama's new head football coach Nick Saban was escorted over the bridge travelling in the opposite direction by police Wednesday afternoon. The victim, a woman who sustained minor injuries, was taken to DCH Regional Medical Center, said Capt. Joe Pierson of the Tuscaloosa Police Department...



Pierson said none of the people involved in the wreck, including a police investigator who's unmarked car was damaged in the wreck, said they think the wreck occurred because people were staring at Saban's escort.

Hmm. I've reread this story six times now and still can't figure out whether or not Nick Saban's car caused the accident. Headline says "yes" — kicker graph says "no". I can't figure it out, which leads me to believe that if Nick Saban's motorcade were to roll passed me on the street, I would most likely end up in the hospital as well.

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