Nick Saban Is Like Hitler, Says Alabama Fan Who Loves Nick Saban

We may earn a commission from links on this page.'s Jon Solomon has written a wonderful article about the die-hard Alabama fans who flock to SEC media days with the hope that they will get a chance to meet Nick Saban. Some arrive looking for an autograph, others want to give gifts to Saban, and some just come to pay their respects—and also to glowingly compare Saban to Hitler.

Take it away, Lee from Decatur:

"He's a winner, he just does what he wants to do," says Lee Allen, an Alabama fan from Decatur. "He's kind of like Hitler. He's a dictator. He brought us back to the top and I figure we're going to be here for a while. Money well spent."

Wait, what? Hitler? You mean that as a compliment? "Yeah," Allen says in between discreetly spitting tobacco juice into a water bottle in the lobby.

Allen, a college student, arrived in Hoover on Sunday with his RV, even though SEC Media Days didn't begin until Tuesday. "I had nothing else planned this week," he says.


So that's terrifying. But I suppose we should all be thankful that Lee is just a tobacco-spittin' yutz from Decatur, and not someone who came of age in Germany right around, say, the fall of the Weimar Republic.

Be sure to read the rest of Solomon's article in order to get the complete picture of Saban's worshippers. They may actually be crazier than Saban himself.