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Nick Young Finds The Outer Limit Of The Pump Fake

Nick Young’s shooting form is just a bit outside the realm of what most would dub conventional, to say nothing of the times and places that he chooses to take his shots. He has a high release point, though he attains that altitude by jerking his body over to the left and casting the ball out relatively slowly. It works, somehow, because Young will shoot the rock if he has a centimeter of separation, and his role on the Warriors demands that he does that and only that.

He leads the Warriors in three-point attempt rate by 22 percent, and he’s not really turning it over at all since he’s mostly finishing possessions instead of moving the ball in the 13 minutes of playing time he gets every night. This is what they signed him for, and it’s no surprise that Young’s most efficient career season is coming when he finds himself in the best situation of his career.


Anyway, the Steph Curry-less Warriors beat up the Hornets last night thanks to a big triple-double from Kevin Durant, and Young canned a pair of triples. One of them featured the most ludicrous pump fake of the NBA season.

Keep shining, Nick Young.

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