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Nine High School Wrestlers Arrested For Hazing Incident Involving "Digital Penetration"

Sahuarita High School, outside of Tucson, Ariz., is down most of its wrestling team. Nine wrestlers have been charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault in connection with an apparent hazing incident last week, which they unwisely pulled off in a full locker room with plenty of witnesses.

The victim, who is not on the wrestling team, was surrounded by seven to 10 students, according to interim complaints filed in court.

"The victim was forced to the ground and forcibly held by four individuals. The victim's pants and underwear were forcibly removed," state the documents.

At least one student exposed himself to the victim and committed a lewd act on the victim, police said.

The assault lasted two to five minutes, and the victim was taunted by the entire group, the court documents said.


The kidnapping charges stem from the fact that the freshman victim was bound or restrained, and according to police documents, that "lewd act" involved digital penetration.

This week police declined to charge the students with sexual assault because the attack wasn't sexual in nature. (Hazing? Bullying?) Perhaps they were preparing him for the greatest challenge any wrestler can face: the ol' "Finger Up The Ass" move, better known as the butt drag.

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