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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

NLCS Pants Party: Mets Vs. Cardinals

Illustration for article titled NLCS Pants Party: Mets Vs. Cardinals

Pond scum! Pond scum!

Most people probably won't remember that mid-80s reference, and, honestly, that's probably to your credit. Though we did enjoy when, riding the subway the other day wearing a Cardinals hat, someone yelled "Hey, John Tudor sucks!" We loved John Tudor.


Anyway, again, if the rain stays away, the NLCS will kick off tonight. There's, uh, a prohibitive favorite.

Here's a roundup of predictions from around the Web.

Peter Gammons: Mets in six.
Buster Olney: Mets in seven.
Cool Standings: Mets in six.
John Donovan: Mets in five.
Baseball Musings: Mets.
Baseball Prospectus: Mets in six.
• DEADSPIN: Cardinals in seven. Come on. You expected anything else? We're helplessly biased. Also, Chris Carpenter would pitch a Game 7 on full rest ... so we'd like our odds in that one.


We're probably the only one, though, right? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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