No, Alex Gordon Could Not Have Scored On The Misplayed Ball

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Alex Gordon's ninth-inning, two-out single left Kansas City with the tying run 90 feet from home plate thanks to Gregor Blanco's colossal misplay in the outfield. Some, however, have begun the hand-wringing that maybe Gordon could have scored, had he sprinted the entire way and been sent from third. We're here to put that idea to bed; no, he could not have scored.

Thanks to Baseball-Reference and the work of Larry Granillo, we can estimate that Alex Gordon could, under perfect circumstances, circle the bases in around 15 seconds—meaning that the Giants would have to get the ball to Buster Posey in less than that amount of time. Here's where the ball was just 12 seconds into the play:


It takes, at most, 2 seconds for a throw to reach the plate from that part of the field. Sure, the relay throw could have been offline. But if it's anywhere near accurate, Gordon is out by a figurative, and anticlimactic, mile.

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