Marco Fabian, a midfielder for Mexican Premiera powerhouse Chivas de Guadalajara, scores a lot of goals. Accordingly, Marco Fabian needs to celebrate a lot of goals. On Saturday, for example, he scored a hat trick in Chivas's 5-2 win against Tecos, and had to celebrate three different goals. This, one can imagine, might get tiresome.

And so for his second tally, Fabian clocked and fired an imaginary pistol into teammate Alberto Medina's forehead.


Naturally, this did not go over well in Mexico. Chivas announced yesterday that Fabian and Medina "will be called to account because they are role models for children and youth of our country." He should probably just stick to The Bernie next time, since nobody has ever been offended by soccer players merely impersonating a dead guy.

Via The Guardian.