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No More "Comedy" On Joe Buck Live?

Well this was kind of expected. According to one source at HBO, the program has decided to do away with the comedy aspect of the show and go back to a more traditional Costas-like format.

It's easy to see why they would decide to go this route after Artie Lange spooked HBO's execs (and Joe Buck) enough that they ended up apologizing to America for the lewdness. The next show should be scheduled for around September but apparently it'll be a lot more tamer. No more whiskey sour sketches? No more telescope gags? Will Joe Buck scold his guests if they accidentally utter a "goddamn" while they're live? They're tearing the soul out of the show!


More on this once HBO flacks wake up on the West Coast....

With this new theme Buck can go back to being a "legend in the making" as St. Louis magazine called him:

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