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No, Notorious Hamper-Pooper Najeh Davenport Was Not Arrested After A Police Chase

Najeh Davenport is not a robber, although he did shit into a woman's laundry hamper one time. For a short time today, it seemed like Davenport was both a thief and a hamper-pooper, as it was reported by multiple outlets that Miami-Dade Police had arrested Davenport in connection with a robbery following a chase that ended at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Turns out, Davenport was simply the victim of identity theft.

From Local 10:

Police originally identified the suspect as Najeh Davenport, who was arrested outside Jackson Memorial Hospital Thursday afternoon, and listed his birth date as February 8, 1979. Those matched the former Hurricanes and NFL running back's.

Police then identified him as 36-year-old Damian Coleman. They said he was in possession of Davenport's drivers license.


Someone claiming to be Davenport called Local 10 saying they had the wrong name. Local 10 encouraged him to call police, who then identified Coleman as the suspect.


Poor Najeh Davenport. I bet he was just sitting at home, minding his own business, thinking about that time he shit into a woman's hamper and wondering where it all went wrong, when he looked up to see the local news talking about how he had just been arrested for a crime that didn't involve pooping for once. Najeh Davenport is basically a human sad trombone.

[Local 10]

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