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No One, Ever, Will Have A Perfect Bracket

This happens every year: Some enterprising company decides to give away an inordinate amount of money to someone who can pick every NCAA tournament game correctly. Sportsbook, this year, is giving away $11 million to any lucky winner. When the dot-com boom was going on back in 2000, we remember one site offering $1 billion. You could offer $25 trillion; you still ain't gonna win.

Vegas Watch looks at the odds of nailing every game. They aren't good.

One in around 7.2 trillion. Ouch. If you did this 300 million times, there's a 1 in 23,924 chance that you'd go 64/64 in one. If you did it 6 billion times, it's 1 in 1,197.

As usual, the books are smart. Sportsbook can run a promotion and put "$11 million" in the title, without having to worry about actually losing that much money. I do wonder if they take out insurance on this anyway- however unlikely, it is possible.


If someone gets every game right in our Deadspin Pool, we will give up editorship of this site to whomever pulls it off. Now THAT'S a prize.

What Are The Odds Of A Perfect Bracket? [Vegas Watch]

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