No Team Can Mount A Comeback Quite Like The Warriors Can

The Golden State Warriors found themselves down 27 points to the Toronto Raptors with 9:20 left in the third quarter last night. They ended up winning the game by nine points, because when the Warriors decide to go nuclear, there is no stopping them.


The Warriors mounted their comeback just as you'd expect them to, behind a mess of great shots from Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. The two combined to score 38 points during the Warriors' 64-28 run, during which Thompson—who has been ridiculous all year, shooting 7.5 threes per game and hitting 47 percent of them—netted five threes. Curry added three triples of his own, and also converted two nifty drives to the basket that resulted in and-1s. Harrison Barnes chipped in by wrapping up the win with a three in the final minute to make it 109-103. As a team, the Warriors scored over two points per possession in the fourth quarter, putting their offensive rating for the quarter at a mind-boggling 207.

The best shot of the night was the one Curry hits at the 44-second mark in the video above. After toying with Rudy Gay on the perimeter for a few moments, Curry—looking bored by Gay's attempts to guard him—just decides to step back and flick a deep three right in Gay's eye, like it's no big deal. There's nothing poor Rudy could have done.

This is exactly why the Warriors are and will continue to be everyone's favorite "League Pass team." According to Synergy Sports, they are the best spot-up shooting team in the league, and are shooting 43 percent from deep while attempting 23 three-pointers per game. This is a team that is specifically designed to turn 27-point deficits into nine-point leads, and when the shooters get on a roll like they did last night, there is no better show in basketball.

Well, not so much if you're Tyler Hansbrough: