Otherwise, I didn’t dwell on it. I recognized I was having a good day and thought I’d better take advantage of it, keep pushing and keep calm. I felt powerful, to be honest; let’s see if I can make these guys hurt.


Did you get the post-race beer(s)?

I did. Actually the hotel had some beer, which was great, and I had some pizza. I flew out that afternoon, planted myself at the airport bar and tried to bask in the moment.


Were you wearing your medal? Because an integral part of basking is wearing the medal.

[Laughed] I wasn’t wearing the medal but maybe I should have.

Well, one more for the trophy case. Wait, do you have a trophy case?

Actually, I do have a trophy case. It’s at my parents’ house. My dad is pretty handy; he made it. That was my Christmas gift last year. It’s pretty cool. My parents have been super supportive of me no matter what—even if their kid’s going to go just be a runner, they’re great, very supportive.


Are those designer sunglasses?

Droddy: Nah, cheap sunglasses. They’re actually my roommate’s.