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Everybody loves David Robinson. He's a military man, a two-time NBA champion and the type of guy who seems to clearly mean well for his fellow man (and DARE Lion). But that's no matter in the world of copyright infringement; the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim — a team name with so many words that just about every sentence in the english language is a copyright infringement — are suing Robinson and his private school The Carver Academy for their interlocking CA logo. They say it might confuse people who think it looks like the old California Angels logo; you know, the one from nine years and three names ago.

Although the Angel lawyers filed their objection in the Carver case last November, Robinson said he was unaware of the trademark dispute. The lawyer who last filed on behalf of the academy, Kristi Nickel, declined to comment. However, Robinson said he would be happy to speak with [Angels owner] Arte Moreno in the hope of settling the matter. "If it were that simple, sure," Robinson said. "This should be no conflict at all. I'm surprised it would become such a thing."


The same thing actually happend with a wine merchant who tried to copyright the name Gli Angeli, which is Italian for "The Angels." No word yet on whether the team is looking into going after anyone who accidentally mispells "angle" or, for that matter, believes in Catholic dogma.

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