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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Non-Nude Attorney Updates Us On Nude High School Cheerleader Story

Illustration for article titled Non-Nude Attorney Updates Us On Nude High School Cheerleader Story

Further details in the Bothell High (Seattle area) nude cheerleader case, because I know that you're concerned. The attorney for the two girls, who were suspended for texting nude photos of themselves to the football team, appeared on a local television show this morning. And it wasn't a cooking segment.


Attorney Michael King appeared on The Early Show (with Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez!) to contend that the girls are being treated unfairly. Why have they been suspended, when the persons who actually distributed the photos are not being punished, or even investigated?


Also, one of the photos allegedly was not even taken when the girls were in high school.

King concedes that, "The student code of the conduct does say that athletes are held to a higher standard. The problem that we have — one of my clients took the photo back when she was 13, before she even was a student at the school and the photo, unfortunately, has been following her around from grade level to grade level. As a result, I find it difficult to believe she can be punished for something violating a code of conduct that she simply had no knowledge of until after she got into high school."

Oh, we haven't heard the end of this. Your move, Chris Hansen.

But there is some good news here. Apparently, peanut butter is now a dessert!

Cheerleaders' Nude Photos Spark Dispute [CBS News]

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