North Korea Wraps Up Its Olympic News Coverage With A Column About South Korea's "Riff-Raffs And Human Scum"

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Olympic dispatches from North Korea's state-run news agency have run dry over the past week-plus, possibly related to the fact that after a gangbuster opening weekend in weightlifting, the DPRK has gone mostly medal-less for the rest of the games.


That hasn't stopped the Korean Central News Agency from publishing an Olympic wrap-up, so to speak: 500 words denouncing a London protest of North Korea's human rights record.

However, the south Korean regime of traitors only is resorting to mean and poor charade as slandering the DPRK and inciting confrontation with fellow countrymen even in London, quite contrary to the noble idea of Olympics.

The regime carried to London riff-raffs and human scum, a group of wicked men serving the policy of confrontation with the DPRK, and held a "photo show on human rights in the north" in a street of London from August 5.

They put up pictures and photos distorting and fabricating the reality of the DPRK and independent life of its people, saying "they vividly show human rights performance in the north" and "they drew attention of London citizens and Olympic tourists."

Who's to blame? Naturally, the "rat-like" South Korean president.

The world people are admiring at the high spirit and might of the country of Mt. Paektu which is emerging as a powerful and rich country under the leadership of the dear respected Kim Jong Un.

Witnessing the reality in the DPRK in which human idea is coming true despite imperialists' challenges, personages of various countries visiting the DPRK are deriding rat-like Lee Myung Bak for going intent on hurting the dignity of the DPRK.


The history of Olympics has recorded innumerable cases that stunned human beings. But never has there been such a disgusting group of confrontation maniacs and traitors as Lee group which slandered the fellow countrymen even in the Olympics.

Lest you think these Olympics are over, North Korea vows that these slights will not go unpunished.

Trouble-makers should be removed immediately as they foster distrust and antagonism within the nation and invite confrontation and war.

The DPRK really meant it when it declared that it would wipe out those involved in hideous crimes and their backstage wire-pullers.

The south Korean regime will be made to pay dearly for its despicable anti-DPRK smear campaign.


It's not all threats and vitriol coming from the KCNA. They also found time to celebrate North Korean wrestler Yang Kyong Il, who on Friday wrestled his way to the podium and ended a 12-day medal drought. Here's that report, in its entirety:

DPRK wrestler Yang Kyong Il bagged a bronze medal in men's 55kg freestyle wrestling at the 2012 London Olympic Games.


Congrats, Yang. You'd probably get more column inches if you said something nasty about South Korea.